Little Feather Childrens Retreat March 24 – 26 2017

Welcome to the Little Feather Children’s Retreat Spring 2017!

Do you want your kids to experience a weekend of fun filled developmental play, nature connection, circus, fun games, educational field trips, skills for living with the earth, re-wilding, dancing, singing and crafts?

We are nature instructors that are passionate about our generation of young people having a connection to nature. Our goals are to assist children to grow in a conscious way to become thriving adults!

We will EXPLORE, LISTEN, BUILD, SET INTENTION for our special time together and CELEBRATE TOGETHER!

The topics we may cover are stillness, tracking and stalking, awareness, planning and packing a survival kit, survival skills, play forts, primitive skills, making safe decisions for yourself,using Intuition, and working harmoniously in a group.


The children can expect to play nature games and go exploring!


  • Kids 5 and up if they can hang, they are welcome!
  • Kids under 5 are welcome with a chaperone
  • (if you have a child age 4 that you believe is ready for this kind of experience then please contact us)
  • this is the perfect opportunity for children to experience spending a weekend away from home while having so much fun and because all their needs being taken care of. There are usually NO Problems staying away from parents for the entire Little Feather weekend.

Adults are welcome to sleepover friday night with their children if they feel led to join us

Arrival/ Drop-off

Arrival time is 4:00PM on Friday March 24th

(In the best interest and To allow your child time to adjust to the new environment, please be organized and plan to arrive by 5:00 before the sun goes down!)

Parents are expected to join their child Sunday evening at 4:00PM March 26th for a 30 minute closing circle where we reflect on our experiences.

Sleeping arrangements

Scout style camping AKA sleeping bags on padded floors


Meals will be provided for the kids and any volunteers who attend.

Sample breakfast

Protien, Fruit, eggs or oatmeal

Sample dinner ( we try to help make it simple and plain for young pallets)

Organic Hormone free chicken nuggets, rice or potatoes

Please let me know if your child have any special dietary needs or (especially) food allergies so that our cook can accommodate everyone!

Organic Food donations are welcome!


  • Backpack
  • Snacks to help your child feel like their needs are met between our provided meals and snacks-*
  • (NO JUNK FOODS and No SUGAR-its not fair for the children with healthy snacks or the adults managing your child)
  •  Big Water bottle!
  • Sleeping bag and pillow & comfort item
  • Flashlight
  • Notebook*
  • Pen
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Tall socks (3 pair at least)
  • Hiking or winter boots
  • Long johns and under-layer pants and shir
  • Extra undergarments*
  • Sweater and coat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Winter hat
  • Chapstick or salve
  • Rain jacket and pants *
  • Sleeping pad *

* optional
* don’t bring anything you don’t wanna share or any of your super special toys


Please Register to recieve an email with information for this event!

No Commitment to attend by registering!

You’ll recieve an email a few weeks prior to the event to keep you in the loop.


The cost of this entire weekend event is now on a sliding scale.

This includes admittance to the event for three days and two nights and covers the fees of any educational field trips we go on plus full meals and snacks will be provided.


~Worktrade and Possible Sponsers Available

(We do not want to turn children away for lack of funds- just register for more information)

A Message From Mandy, Founder, Little Feather

IMG_9860Hi I’m Mandy! I’ve been working with lots of kids over the years and wanted to develop a “retreat” for kids to get away from regular life for a weekend, get away from the parents so they can also take a much needed load off their parents backs! The retreat was created for kids to have some fun, learn alot, let go if the stress of regular life (yes, kids are stressed too in this crazy world) And get to experience a weekend that will inspire them to connect more to themselves, nature, learn to communicate and work together in a group, push thresholds and develop confidence and HAVE MORE FUN THAN THEY HAVE EVER HAD! our ideas based around but not limited to…Attachment principles and natural child rearing, rewilding, NVC, John Holt, Tom Brown the Tracker, unschooling, organic KIDS